Addons I use

My UI is something I’ve always been proud of, condensing a lot of information I want into a pleasant shell. While the list of addons is significant in size, it offers me the flexibility of rotating out what I don’t need anymore or adding a new requirement easily as expansions change.

The List

Unit Frames

Raid Frames on crack. I’ve yet to find something that I want as a healer that Grid2 cannot do. Additionally, the interface is fairly intuitive when it comes to adding new functionality to it. This makes it a first class experience to me.
Shadowed Unit Frames
These cover all the other unit frames that aren’t covered by Grid. After having tested what feels like every addon out there, the flexibility and stability of Shadowed Unit Frames has lasted over a huge number of expansions and you can really craft it into whatever you like. Shadowed Unit Frames Profile

Raid/Party Tools

  • Bigwigs / Littlewigs
Most of the other damage meters have fallen by the wayside, and with reasonably good reason. Details has all the data I want as a raid leader, and playing any role in the game. If more is required, that’s what WarcraftLogs exists for.
  • OmniCD
  • Vocal Raid Assist


  • Adibags
  • BagSync
  • DejaCharacterStats
In 10.0, Blizzard made a good step forward in providing a quality bar configuration in the base UI. That said, I still find the features of Dominos to be essential for my personal tastes (such as mouseover bars, and a better omnibar experience) and as such, this addon I’ve utilized since it was first released remains a staple.
  • FriendGroups
  • HandyNotes
  • Leatrix Plus / Leatrix Maps
  • OPie
The default nameplates are severely lacking in functionality compared to what you can get from a nameplate mod. The essentials to me? Rules to color based on name/cast, clear and concise buff/debuff filtering. That’s it. To me? ThreatPlates fits that like a glove.
While the default tooltip is perfectly acceptable, I find I like more information available, and the added customization TipTac provides makes it an easy fit.
  • Vendor
  • Weakauras

Mythic Plus

  • Astral Keys
  • Auto Keystone
  • BigDebuffs
  • GTFO
  • Mythic Dungeon Tools
  • WarpDeplete

Pet Battles

  • Rematch

Addon Debugging

  • !BugGrabber
  • BugSack

BasicMinimap BasicChatMods Bazooka Badboy ExtraQuestButton HidingBar ItemRack OmniCC Quartz REPorter Rarity SilverDragon TomTom Clique Raven CursorTrail Kaliel’s Tracker LoggerHead Lite Myslot NameplateSCT Paragon Reputation SimulationCraft